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TOP | Regular Ingram's Camphor Cream (White)
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Ingram's Camphor Cream has relieved the discomfort of dry skin in South Africa for over 65 years. With its non- greasy formula, and its ability to soothe, nourish and protect dry skin. This amazing product is now available in America. Ingram's Camphor Cream will become essential to your daily routine. Try it and we are sure you will agree that there is nothing as effective as Ingram's Camphor Cream.
A non-greasy yet incredibly rich and creamy moisturizer for dry skin.
Can be used all over the body but is particularly good for dry skin problem areas such as hands, elb
White in color.
Ingredients: Water, glycerol, stearic acid, sunflower oil, cetyl alcohol, lanolin anhydrous, camphor

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Regular Ingram's Camphor Cream 17.7 oz Jar $14.99
Regular Ingram's Camphor Cream 5.3 oz Jar $7.99